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Bush in the wake of the savings and loan crisis of the s. The new language now required the appropriate Federal regulatory agency to prepare a written evaluation after completing the examination of an institution's record in meeting the credit needs of its entire community, including any low- and moderate-income neighborhoods within it. These evaluation reports were divided into separate sections - one confidential; allowing the evaluated institution to retain its proprietary and personal information integrity at the same time the beginnings of the related databases were being compiled, and the other made public; intended to increase access and oversight of the CRS examination process. The public section introduced a four-tiered CRA examination rating system with performance levels of 'Outstanding', 'Satisfactory', 'Needs to Improve', or 'Substantial Noncompliance', each supplemented with a written synopsis of the agencies' evaluation reasoning using any available facts to support their conclusions. Over time, community groups and nonprofit organizations established "more-formalized and more-productive partnerships with banks. With the passage of this Act in December , section It allowed the Resolution Trust Corporation RTC to make available any branch of any savings association located in any predominantly minority neighborhoods that the RTC had been appointed the conservator or receiver of to any minority depository institution or women's depository institution with favorable conditions. Upon the addition of section When applications were highly contested, federal agencies held public hearings to allow public comment on the bank's lending record. In response many institutions established separate business units and subsidiary corporations to facilitate CRA-related lending. Local and regional public-private partnerships and multi-bank loan consortia were formed to expand and manage such CRA-related lending. Discussing the reasons for the Clinton administration's proposal to strengthen the CRA and further reduce red-lining, Lloyd Bentsen , Secretary of the Treasury at that time, affirmed his belief that availability of credit should not depend on where a person lives, "The only thing that ought to matter on a loan application is whether or not you can pay it back, not where you live. Niskanen , chair of the Cato Institute , criticized both the and sets of proposals for political favoritism in allocating credit, for micromanagement by regulators and for the lack of assurances that banks would not be expected to operate at a loss to achieve CRA compliance. He predicted the proposed changes would be very costly to the economy and the banking system in general. Niskanen believed that the primary long-term effect would be an artificial contraction of the banking system. Niskanen recommended Congress repeal the Act. In response to the aggregate concerns recorded by then, the Federal financial supervisory agencies the OCC, FRB, FDIC, and OTS made further clarifications relating to definition, assessment, ratings and scope; sufficiently resolving many of the issues raised in the process. The agencies jointly reported their final amended regulations for implementing the Community Reinvestment Act in the Federal Register on May 4, The final amended regulations replaced the existing CRA regulations in their entirety. This law repealed the part of the Glass—Steagall Act that had prohibited a bank from offering a full range of investment , commercial banking , and insurance services since its enactment in A similar bill was introduced in by Senator Phil Gramm but it was unable to complete the legislative process into law. Resistance to enacting the bill, as well as the subsequent bill, centered around the legislation's language which would expand the types of banking institutions of the time into other areas of service but would not be subject to CRA compliance in order to do so. The Senator also demanded full disclosure of any financial "deals" which community groups had with banks, accusing such groups of "extortion". The Act also mandated two studies to be conducted in connection with the "Community Reinvestment Act": The obligations to adhere to 25 percent for services and 25 percent for investments became optional and the means to securing a satisfactory CRA rating was left to the discretion of the qualifying thrifts instead See the notes in the "" column of Table I. The agencies use the Consumer Price Index to adjust the asset size thresholds for small and large institutions annually. The agency referenced several factors for the proposed realignment, in particular, that a consistent CRA standard applied to both the banking and the thrift industries would facilitate objective evaluations of CRA performance; ensure accurate assessments of banks and thrifts that operated in the same markets; and permit the public to make reasonable comparisons of bank and thrift CRA performance. Reaffirming the basis for the revised rules as first proposed, Reich stated, "OTS is making these revisions to promote consistency and facilitate objective evaluations of CRA performance across the banking and thrift industries. Consistent standards will allow the public to make more effective comparisons of bank and thrift CRA performance. These four changes generally mirror the ones made by the other three federal agencies in late All the affected Federal financial supervisory agencies have one year after the date of enactment to issue rules in final form to implement the change into the Code of Federal Regulations CFR according to Title X, Subtitle C, Section of the Act. CRA reform proposals[ edit ] In , Ben Bernanke suggested further increasing the presence of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the affordable housing market to help banks fulfill their CRA obligations by providing them with more opportunities to securitize CRA-related loans. There were 15 witnesses from government and the private sector. Doing so would allow them favorable consideration under their Community Reinvestment Act responsibilities. It had recently begun a two-year pilot project with an initial group of 31 banks. The proposed revisions to CRA rules are intended to revise the term "community development" to "include loans, investments and services that support, enable or facilitate projects or activities" that meet the criteria described in the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of HERA and are conducted in designated target areas identified under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program established by HERA and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of ARRA. Among other things, this would expand the range of persons served to include middle-income households. Perspectives on the Future of the Community Reinvestment Act, [76] which assembles views from a wide range of academic researchers, regulators, community development practitioners and financial service industry representatives on how to improve the CRA going forward. Lenders have come under investigation for not operating in such areas, whether they have halted service there or have never operated in them before. However, he notes that at least in some instances, "the CRA has served as a catalyst, inducing banks to enter under-served markets that they might otherwise have ignored". Most small business loans made by CRA regulated banks went to higher income areas; Barr, professor at the University of Michigan Law School , presented evidence to demonstrate that the CRA had overcome market failures to increase access to credit for low-income, moderate-income, and minority borrowers at relatively low cost. He contends that the CRA is justified, has resulted in progress, and should be continued. Thompson, Director of the Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection at the FDIC, lauded the positive impact of CRA, noting that, "studies have pointed to increases in lending to low- and moderate-income customers and minorities in the decades since the CRA's passage. In a world of national banking enterprises, these policies are more likely to drive institutions out of neighborhoods. He stated that better ways to accomplish the goals would be vigorous enforcement of anti-discrimination laws, of antitrust laws to promote competition, and federal funding of worthy projects directly through an "on-budget and transparent process" like the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund. The net effect is that credit markets increased racial segregation". Over the period, one regulatory agency, the Federal Reserve Board, actually approved more applications than the average percentages of those without a detailed CRA review taking place. Of the 1, merger or acquisition cases the FRB reviewed on average per year where the relevant institutions were subject to CRA, only 70 instances on average were identified with potential CRA problems regardless of public opposition or internal reporting raising the concern. On average, 22 of these were ultimately identified as CRA compliance being the primary reason for both application withdrawal or FRB denial. Bernanke notes that at least in some instances, "the CRA has served as a catalyst, inducing banks to enter underserved markets that they might otherwise have ignored". In the same speech, Bernanke also noted that, "managers of financial institutions found that these loan portfolios, if properly underwritten and managed, could be profitable" and that the loans "usually did not involve disproportionately higher levels of default". Groups at first only slowly took advantage of these rights. Morgan donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to ACORN around the same time they were to apply for permission to merge and needed to comply with CRA regulations. Ballooning mortgages on rental properties threatened to require large rent increases from low and moderate income tenants that could ill afford them. The Fed, rather than take any action on New Century, merely waited until U. Bancorp sold off some of the warrants, and then said the issue was moot. Engel and Patricia A. McCoy noted that banks could receive CRA credit by lending or brokering loans in lower-income areas that would be considered a risk for ordinary lending practices. CRA regulated banks may also inadvertently facilitate these lending practices by financing lenders. They recommended that the federal agencies use the CRA to sanction behavior that either directly or indirectly increased predatory lending practices by lowering the CRA rating of any bank that facilitated in these lending practices. In order to gain market share lenders lowered their standards. Subprime mortgage crisis and Global financial crisis of — Economist Stan Liebowitz wrote in the New York Post that a strengthening of the CRA in the s encouraged a loosening of lending standards throughout the banking industry. Barr noted that institutions fully regulated by CRA made "perhaps one in four" sub-prime loans, and that "the worst and most widespread abuses occurred in the institutions with the least federal oversight". He charged that "approximately 50 percent of CRA loans for single-family residences Virtual sex comunity

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  1. Reaffirming the basis for the revised rules as first proposed, Reich stated, "OTS is making these revisions to promote consistency and facilitate objective evaluations of CRA performance across the banking and thrift industries.

  2. A user may also send the same post to several forums, which is termed crossposting. Registered members often will refer to themselves as lurking in a particular location, which is to say they have no intention of participating in that section but enjoy reading the contributions to it. Unlike conventional forums, the original wikis allowed all users to edit all content including each other's messages.

  3. Multiple posting can also be used as a method of trolling or spreading forum spam. Offending content is usually deleted.

  4. This practice is generally seen as a breach of netiquette on most forums. A thread is defined by a title, an additional description that may summarize the intended discussion, and an opening or original post common abbreviation OP, which can also mean original poster , which opens whatever dialogue or makes whatever announcement the poster wished.

  5. Essentially, it is the duty of the moderator to manage the day-to-day affairs of a forum or board as it applies to the stream of user contributions and interactions. People who regularly read the forum discussions but do not register or do not post are often referred to as "lurkers". Many forums have created devoted areas strictly for discussion of potential flame war topics that are moderated like normal.

  6. Some forums consider concise, comment-oriented posts spam, for example Thank you, Cool or I love it.

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