Hot sex letter. Mark Hurd's sex scandal letter emerges.

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Hot sex letter

Hot Rod kicks your libido into overdrive within minutes! No form of external stimulation. You don't even have to think 'dirty' for it to work. Hot Rod energizes you so that you can go on like a raging bull without the need for taking a break. Hot Rod gives you solid steel erections, and doesn't let up. You'll perform like a stud, in spite of yourself. Hot Rod desensitizes your penis so that any form of premature ejaculation becomes a thing of the past. You'll be able to give your partner hours of endless, non-stop pleasure. Hot Rod keeps you hard as a rock, even after multiple ejaculations! Go ahead and erase the word 'limp' from your dictionary Hot Rod stays in your body for up to 4 days. If you need to have sex repeatedly and you'll probably want to , you will be able to do so with absolute ease! Hot Rod eliminates 'performance anxiety' in men! Isn't it crystal clear why Hot Rod is causing a sensation among men of all ages everywhere? Of course, you're probably dying to know For hundreds of years, men around the world have relied on natural herbal remedies to help them maintain their vigor and virility. To help increase "Chi" or life force energy. To channel maximum blood flow to the penis. To skyrocket your libido All 3 objectives had to be achieved concurrently. Obviously you already know about the 'mighty' ant and it's incredible aphrodisiac properties. But what you may not know is that the 'ant tonics' used by the ancient Chinese imperial emperors, were used to increase their Yang Jing, or 'Chi'. You see, the Chinese believe that ejaculation of the male seed for purposes other than having children is a wasteful loss of an extremely precious treasure. The energy loss over long periods of time weakens the physical health of the male. You may or may not buy this 'theory', but it may make sense to you when you realize that if ALL of your sperm that you ejaculated was fertilized, then you could have produced the equivalent of a COUNTRY'S population. Think about how much 'energy' is needed to engineer such a phenomenon. Which is why we added Deer Velvet as a 2nd ingredient to double the 'chi' tonifying effects of the Polyrachis ant, so that you can have as much sex as you want without feeling 'zapped'. Hot Rod Ingredient 2: Deer Antler Velvet All species of deer even moose will have antlers sprouting, maturing and hardening within 4 to 5 months every year. And these impressive male structures owe their very existence to a very special bioactive substance called velvet, a fuzzy external membrane that channels blood and nutrients to the growing antler, Deer Velvet also protects the fragile, pre-hardened antler from harm. What's this have to do with sex? A whole lot apparently As antlers are how deer maintain their 'pecking order', this velvet is chock full of hormones that stimulate both growth and testosterone production. Peter Yoon of Seoul, South Korea, use velvet deer antler to treat impotence in men. It has been noted that deer velvet appears to strengthen the body as it is balancing the hormones needed for peak sexual function. Deer velvet has been believed to strengthen the 'Chi' or life force energy. The velvet from the deer antlers is harvested at peak mating season, when the testosterone levels in the blood that circulates throughout the cartilage of the antler are at its highest. Lots of documented research on the benefits of deer velvet antler has also been done in China, Russia, Korea and Japan. From these reports, here are some excerpts which relate directly to its sexual benefits: Recover sexual functioning and experience a return of potency and libido. Strong kidney function, strengthen the heart, increase blood circulation, strengthen the mind and the central nervous system and to have a positive mood. Directly controlling the reproductive hormone production of the gonads. Hot Rod Ingredient 3: Eurycoma Longifolia Eurycoma Longifolia or more popularly known as Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi in Southeast Asia is a scientifically-proven herbal aphrodisiac and testosterone booster that is enjoying growing popularity in the Western world. If you're reading a letter like this, it's close to impossible that you don't know about the powerful effects of Tongkat Ali. Hot Rod Ingredient 4: Butea Superba Butea superba is Thailand's endemic species known amongst local people as Red Kwao Krua and was used as traditional medicine for tonic and rejuvenation for a long time in Thailand. Thi plant can be found growing in forests in the Northern regions, in the Eastern regions and along Kanchanaburi Province. The crude extract of this herb showed the same vsodilation effect as the blue pill. Its chemicals also promote energetic body without any nervous or muscular or cardiac over stimulation. Clinical trial of Butea superba, an alternative herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction. To study the effect of Butea superba on erectile dysfunction ED in Thai males. A 3-month randomized double-blind clinical trial was carried out in volunteers with ED, aged 30 years approximately 70 years, to evaluate the therapeutic effect of the crude preparation of Butea superba tubers on ED. There was a significant upgrading in 4 of the 5 descriptive evaluations of the IIEF-5 questionnaire. Estimation of the sexual record indicated that Haematology and blood chemistry analysis revealed no apparent change. The plant preparation appears to improve the erectile function in ED patients without apparent toxicity. Hot Rod Ingredient 5: Diascoria Bulbifera Diascoria Bulbifera or 'Virahi Kand', a plant species found in the Himalayas, not only resembles human testicles but also contains hormonal contents similar to testosterone. If this is not enough, the medicinal formulation made from the herb was described as 'Shukral' and 'Vajikaran' a property which improves the quality of human semen in Ayurvedic books. Tribulus Terrestris Diascoria Bulbifera or 'Virahi Kand', a plant species found in the Himalayas, not only resembles human testicles but also contains hormonal contents similar to testosterone. Adult rats were divided into groups of 8 each that included distilled water treated normal and castrated , testosterone treated normal and castrated and Tribulus treated castrated. Compared to the castrated control, treatment of castrated rats with either testosterone or Tribulus extract showed increase in prostate weight and ICP. There was also a mild to moderate improvement in sexual behavior as evidenced by an increase in mounting frequency. Tribulus Terrestris works by relaxing smooth muscles and increasing blood flow into the corpus cavernosa. The relaxant effect observed is probably due to the increase in the release of nitric oxide from the endothelium and nerve endings, which helps to increase testosterone production and enhance erection. Hot Rod Ingredient 7: Smilax Myosotiflora Smilax myosotiflora or 'Ubi Jaga' UJ is a native herb traditionally used by indigenous folk for its aphrodisiac effects. Ubi Jaga is a creeper plant that grown wild in the tropical forest in South East Asia. It improves blood circulation. It is traditionally used as one of herbal medicine to strengthen male energy, as a general tonic, and to increase body metabolism. As you're reading this, I think you do realize that Hot Rod really does contain an incredible blend that helps intensify sexual desire, increase sensitivity, strengthen erections, and enable men of all ages to enjoy more frequent, and longer lasting sex. Plus, there are also the effects of mood stabilization, promotion of healthy blood pressure levels, and energy level support; all of which contribute in a major way to great performance between the sheets So, unless you've been living in some cave, you'd know that the efficacy of these ancient remedies have been so impressive they've now gotten the attention of mainstream medical science. Hot Rod, on the other hand, goes one step further by rectifying the problem at its core level - your libido. Hence, this is tantamount to killing two birds with one stone. Re-ignite The White Hot Passion! This is crucial as scientific research reveals that many erectile problems of men have erectile problems are not necessarily due to blood flow issues, but rather an inherent lack of desire. And I guess we 'nailed' it on the head when Hot Rod was Between Jan to July , we placed online ads offering free samples to users of other brands of herbal enhancers. A total of 10, capsules were give away. Users of leading brands, including Enzyte, Libidus, Orexis, Vicerex, Vipra, Herbal V and Vigrx, were part of this online survey to determine the brand that delivered most in terms of: Hot sex letter

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  1. Tribulus Terrestris Diascoria Bulbifera or 'Virahi Kand', a plant species found in the Himalayas, not only resembles human testicles but also contains hormonal contents similar to testosterone. The velvet from the deer antlers is harvested at peak mating season, when the testosterone levels in the blood that circulates throughout the cartilage of the antler are at its highest. Chilean prosecutors had to drop charges because too much time had passed, but the judge running the case stressed that it wasn't for lack of proof.

  2. You are not paying 1 or 2 middlemen that mark up the price before the doll reaches you. To skyrocket your libido All 3 objectives had to be achieved concurrently.

  3. AP The Barros affair first caused shockwaves in January when Francis appointed him bishop of Osorno, Chile, over the objections of the leadership of Chile's bishops' conference and many local priests and laity. Our customers have a lot of great things to say. We will email you the tracking and shipping company after your order is processed.

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