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God minigame sex war

To use cheats, you must first successfully complete the game. Collect the Delphi Catacombs artifact. Collect the Circe's Vial artifact. Collect the Antikythera Mechanism artifact. Collect the Stonemason's Chisel artifact. Collect the Orko's Cloak artifact. Collect the Boat Captain's Idol artifact. Collect the Prisoner's Oath Stone artifact. Collect the Archimedes' Treatise artifact. Collect the Statue Worker's Idol artifact. Collect the Oracle Seeker's Offering artifact. Titan mode Successfully complete the game on the Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty to unlock the Titan difficulty. Artifact locations Search the indicated locations to find all ten artifacts. The artifacts are shown as small, white glowing spots. Collect all ten artifacts to get the "No Drake. You Can't Have These. You can also collect the artifacts through chapter select. Once you pick them up, they will immediately be saved. Thus, there is no need to reach the next checkpoint. Prisoner's Oath Stone Chapter 2: After exiting the sewers, climb a wall, and pull the lever. Three Goat Warriors will then attack you. The artifact is behind the gate where the Goat Warriors came from. Circe's Vial Chapter 5: The Village Of Kirra: After defeating the two Elephant Warriors Juggernauts , go right, and then left. Jump onto the moveable cage, then jump onto the balcony. The artifact is inside the small interior. Oracle Seeker's Offering Chapter 9: After returning with the third snake, there will be a short cutscene showing how a tower gets activated. Go into the tower, and instead of going up, go down as far as possible to find the artifact. Aletheia's Charm Chapter After jumping off the large swinging pendulum and onto the hour glass, there will be a throne ahead. The artifact is on the ground, just to the right of the throne. You will automatically run into it. Boat Captain's Idol Chapter After defeating the two Ice Warriors, you will need to destroy two metal chains to open a door. Behind the door is water. Dive into the water, and follow the underwater path. Eventually, there will be a split in the path leading down. Go down to find the artifact on the ground. Orko's Cloak Chapter Prison Of The Damned: Once you are in control of Kratos after the cuscene with the cloaked flying woman, turn around. There is a blue and a green orb chest. To the right of the two chests and locked door, in a hidden corner, is the artifact. It is before fighting the green insect woman. Stonemason's Chisel Chapter The Forearm Of Apollo: After using the Oath Stone of Orkos to get up the elevator, go to the right to find the artifact in a hidden alcove. Archimedes' Treatise Chapter The artifact is on a table, next to the corpse of Archimedes and a red and a green orb chest. This is after crossing over to the other side with the platform. Statue Worker's Idol Chapter After finishing the long elevator ride and pulling back the lever to open the shutter revealing a bright light, look in the top left corner of the platform to find the artifact. Antikythera Mechanism Chapter After completing the Trial Of Archimedes, you will go back through a blue portal, and then a platform will automatically bring you to a lower level. After the elevator stops, go up the stairs and to the right to find the final artifact. Decayed chest locations Search the indicated locations to find all seven decayed chests. Find all seven decayed chests to get the "If It Ain't Broke To reconstruct the decayed chests, you need the Amulet Of Uroborus, which is automatically acquired at the beginning of Chapter There is no need to loot the chests. If you die or restart checkpoints, you will have to do it again. You cannot get the trophy doing this through chapter select. If you miss one of the chests, you must play Chapter 13 through Chapter 19 again to reconstruct all seven decayed chests in order. Chapter 13 - Passage Of Delphi: After Kratos repairs the destroyed bridge, the camera will focus on a wounded Oracle. Go across the bridge, and follow the twisting path left instead of continuing right. The decayed chest is at the very end of the constructed pathway. Chapter 14 — The Cistern: Immediately after the chapter begins, you will jump down to a room with a large bull statue. When leaving this room, you will run straight into the decayed chest. Chapter 14 - The Cistern: It is in the same corridor the last decayed chest was found in. Keep going down the corridor, turn right, then turn left to find an alcove with the decayed chest. After reconstructing the last decayed chest, you will need to exit the corridor and go outside. Then, instead of going left to repair the bridge, go to the far right. You will not see this decayed chest until you are standing in front of it because of the fixed camera angles. From the last decayed chest, go left, but do not repair the bridge yet. Drop down to the ruins, go forward, then continue to the far right. At the very end of the ruins is the decayed chest on the ledge, next to a wooden swing bridge. Chapter 16 — Prison Of The Damned: Shortly after you see the head of the dead Titan Hecatonchires the Boss you killed at the beginning of the game , you will enter the prison area. Go right instead of left to run straight into the decayed chest. Chapter 19 - The Foot Of Apollo: Immediately after climbing up the wall at the beginning of Chapter 19, go to the right to find the final decayed chest. Gorgon Eye locations Search the indicated locations to find all 20 Gorgon Eyes. Each time you collect five Gorgon Eyes, your health will increase. The Gorgon Eyes are in white treasure chests. However, there are more chests with Gorgon Eyes than needed. Thus, you can miss some of them and still earn the trophy. After collecting all 20 Gorgon Eyes, you will be rewarded with red orbs every time you open a white chest. Phoenix Feather locations Search the indicated locations to find all 15 Phoenix Feather. Each time you collect five Phoenix Feathers, your magic will increase. The Phoenix Feathers are in white treasure chests. However, there are more chests with Phoenix Feathers than needed. After collecting all 15 Phoenix Feathers, you will be rewarded with red orbs every time you open a white chest. Secret messages Progress through Chapter The Cistern until reaching a hallway with symbols on the floor. God minigame sex war

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  1. Titan mode Successfully complete the game on the Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty to unlock the Titan difficulty. Interactivity was originally programmed in, but later isolated from gameplay so that there was no way to reach it ; hackers discovered it, prompting a huge furor from Moral Guardians. Collect the Antikythera Mechanism artifact.

  2. While they quickly stop giving you Red Orbs from killing them, you can still get them for getting large combos, which is easily accomplished by endlessly spamming Poseidon's Rage on them.

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